Bundle for Small Businesses easy toolkit

You can download this file and use it as a template to run your small business with some of these bullet-proof tools, such as invoice samples, business model canvas, business startup cost, team holiday planner, service agreement, pitch model, and more!

Why this file is useful

This template helps you save time in setting up your small business with some key must-have tools

This file is the right one to download as a starting base to advance quickly.You don’t want to reinvent the wheel, right? Download this file and use it right now! 

More specifically, after you download the file you will be able to:

  • Automatic invoice template: Excel model to easily create invoices for your clients
  • Business model Canvas:  strategic management template used for developing new business models and documenting your existing one
  • Business startup cost model: model to evaluate and monitor the costs of you small business
  • Presentation model: a full presentation model with ready to use templates, infographics, icons, images, text structures
  • Holiday team planner: if you have a small team, just use this template to plan the holidays in advance
  • Meeting agenda: a professional word template ready to write the agenda of your meetings
  • Pricing offer: corporate professional pricing offer template
  • Project management: if you want to show your client how efficiently you manage your project, you can use this fully editable templates
  • Service agreement: a professional and easy to modify template to offer a new service
  • Pitch model presentation: do you need to find new clients? a complete pitch model presentation full of details and suggestion on how to present your idea, perfectly to be combined with the business model canvas
  • Non disclosure agreement: if you present your idea or project to a new client, this useful NDA agreement can be edited in minutes in order to avoid unauthorized disclosure.

You will receive a .zip file containing all the templates ready to be modified by you. The files are not password protected and they can be fully modified, and transmitted. In case of any problem you can contact me.

Some further reading material

I collected for you some useful material if you want to read more about this topic:

A few tips

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