Competitive Marketing Analysis

Unlock Your Competitive Edge: A Comprehensive Marketing Analysis | Boost Your Business Growth with Our Proven Strategies

Boost your marketing strategies with our Competitive Marketing Analysis template! This comprehensive tool allows you to analyze your competitors' tactics and stay ahead in the market. With SEO-friendly features, you can easily optimize your website and drive more traffic. Get your hands on our template now and dominate the competition!

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Project Description:

Our goal is to design and develop a comprehensive data dashboard that enables you to track and analyze sales performance effectively. By connecting the dashboard to Excel spreadsheets, we will provide intuitive visualizations such as pie charts, bar charts, heat maps, and a Sankey chart to identify trends and gain valuable insights into sales strategy improvement.

  1. Connect the dashboard to Excel spreadsheets.
  2. Create intuitive visualizations including pie charts, bar charts, heat maps, and a Sankey chart.
  3. Clean and transform sales data as needed for accurate analysis.
  4. Develop formulas and metrics to calculate sales performance KPIs.
  5. Design a user-friendly dashboard layout.
  6. Document the dashboard development process.

The project timeline will be determined based on the complexity of the data and desired features. However, we aim to complete the project within [insert timeframe].


Our proposed budget for this project is between £5.00 and £10.00 per hour, depending on the scope and complexity.


Our team consists of seasoned Power BI developers with expertise in data visualization and analysis. Each member brings years of experience and a passion for delivering high-quality solutions.

  1. Gain valuable insights into sales performance.
  2. Identify trends and opportunities for sales strategy improvement.
  3. Streamline data analysis processes for informed decision-making.
  4. Enhance overall sales efficiency and effectiveness.

We are confident that our expertise in Power BI and Excel, combined with our experience in sales data analysis, makes us the ideal partner for your project. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your requirements further and demonstrate how our solution can add value to your business.

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