Digital Art Painting - Tales from the sea

Discover the captivating world of digital art painting with Tales from the Sea. Dive into a sea of creativity and explore the beauty of ocean-inspired masterpieces. Unleash your imagination and bring the depths of the sea to life with these stunning works of art.

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"Tales from the Ocean"

A giant boat in the middle with small boats and a procession of boats running around enveloped in the magic of the ocean, a charming charm. message from the sea.
This is my Painting created digitally - Adobe Photoshop CC

Actual Size:
Resolution (300 Inches/Dpi)
Dimensions 10000 x 10000 Px │ 85 x 85 Cm


Harmony at Sea”

In this enchanting painting, the canvas comes alive with the hues of a tranquil ocean. The water stretches infinitely, its surface a delicate blend of turquoise and azure. The sun, a golden orb, hovers just above the horizon, casting a warm glow upon the world.

A solitary boat occupies the center stage. Its wooden hull, weathered by countless voyages, bobs gently on the undulating waves. The boat’s sail, a billowing canvas, captures the wind’s whispers, propelling it forward. The sail itself is a canvas of colors—creamy whites, soft blues, and hints of coral pink—as if the artist dipped their brush in the very essence of dawn.


Original Created:2024



Styles:ContemporaryIllustrationDigital ArtDocumentary


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