Forex trading journal and analysis Free Excel

Boost Your Forex Trading with Free Excel Journal & Analysis - Track Your Performance, Analyze Data, and Improve Strategies!

Efficiently track your forex trades and analyze your performance with our free Excel template. Stay on top of your trading strategy with our customizable journal and gain valuable insights with advanced data analysis tools. Download now and take your forex trading to the next level!

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With this template you will be able to track all your Forex trading and analyse the result in order to take better decisions by studying your history. Fields included:
  • Open Date
  • Strategy (such as “double bottom”)
  • FX No (number of the market from the sheet that lists your markets)
  • Currency Pair
  • Direction (long / short or put / call)
  • Entry Price
  • Initial Stop
  • Initial Target
  • IRR
  • Position Size
  • Exit Price
  • Close Date
  • Profit/Loss
  • Swap (your costs of margin funding)
  • Commission (trading fee charged by the exchange)
  • Length (scalp, swing)
  • Open Comment (your reasoning for entering)
  • Close Comment (your reason for exiting, whether it was scaled in or at once, or stopped out)
  • End Balance

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