Portfolio Risk monitoring Template – Google Sheets

Use case

You need to monitor all the main risk indicators for your portfolio.


This file calculates automatically:

✔   Value-at-Risk (VaR) by using historical data from your portfolio investments to assess the impact of market moves on it.

✔   Credit rating by assessing if your portfolio is composed by company with stable high quality financial debt

✔   Concentration ratio

✔   Monte Carlo simulation used to calculate and graphically visualize the possible future evolution of your portfolio

✔   P/E of each instrument

Historical simulation uses real data, it can capture unexpected events (extreme profit or losses) and correlations that would not necessarily be predicted by a theoretical model. This template can easily be adapted to your needs.

How to use it

Insert the reference of your investment in the list (e.g. the name of a stock), the price, quantity and purchase price. The file automatically retrieves the current price and all other data and displays the main risk indicators. The information in this article and in the related file is for general information purposes only. Nothing in this article or in the related file should be taken as legal advice or financial advice for any individual case or situation. 

How to download

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