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Streamline your issue tracking process with our Free Issue Tracking template for Excel. Easily manage and monitor all your project's issues in one organized and efficient spreadsheet. Download now and improve your team's productivity with this SEO-optimized template.

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This issue tracking template is designed for companies or small teams that want to provide their team members with a document that includes space for comprehensive details, analysis and simple tracking. With this template you can quickly review each issue, determine if it’s a risk to the project/team or company, and work with the team to resolve it. This template provides you with column details for the following:
  • ID: Enter a unique number for the issue (for future reference).
  • Issue Description: Add an easy-to-understand description of the issue (e.g., “Computer not working", "Delayed production".
  • Status: Specify the status of the issue using the Status drop-down list (e.g., not started, closed, in progress).
  • Priority: Select a priority for the issue using the Priority drop-down list (e.g., critical, high, medium, low).
  • Assignee: Select a Member from the using the Assignee drop-down list directly linked with the Team List Sheet
  • Open Date time: Enter the date when the issue was discovered.
  • Close Date time: Enter the date when the issue has been solved
  • Comment: Add any remarks related to this issue for your project team.
This reusable template is available in Excel as an individual issue template and can be completely personalised and modified in order to better manage your issues.

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