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You can download this to-do list template and use it to increase your productivity and get more done. This simple yet effective template helps you to prioritize your daily or weekly tasks and focus on what’s important, all while keeping you organized and on track. With our template, you can easily create a daily, weekly, or monthly to-do list that fits your unique needs. The template is fully customizable and editable, allowing you to personalize it to your liking. Our To-Do List Template includes the following sections:

  • Top Priorities
  • Today’s To-Do List
  • Additional Tasks
  • Notes & Ideas

This template is perfect for entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who wants to stay organized and increase their productivity. By using our To-Do List Template, you’ll be able to focus on the most important tasks and achieve your goals faster. So, why waste your time and energy on creating your own to-do list from scratch when you can use our customizable template?

Download it now and start increasing your productivity today! If you are interested into understading more about productivity, you can also find great content in the two famous blogs:

Work In Progress Blog

This blog has several nice to read articles regarding how to achieve personal goals in a world where you have to stay 24/7 connected and distracted

Study Hacks Blog Cal launched the “Study Hacks” blog at in 2007, and has been regularly publishing essays here ever since. Readers can learn how to achieve their productivity goals and use digital tools.


I also created 2 different versions:

A simple to to printable to start immediately with your activities or tasks

2- Task And Team Management Tool

To increase Your Small Team’s Productivity with the Comprehensive Task Tracker Template

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