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CAMPAIGN TYPE: This column likely specifies the type or category of each marketing campaign, such as email marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, etc. It helps categorize campaigns for analysis and comparison.

QTY: This column likely represents the quantity or volume associated with each campaign type. Depending on the context, it could refer to the number of units (e.g., emails sent, ads displayed) or some other relevant metric indicating the scale of the campaign.

PROJECTED COST PER UNIT: This column likely contains the projected cost incurred for each unit or item associated with the campaign. It helps in estimating the total cost of the campaign based on the projected quantity and cost per unit.

PROJECTED SUBTOTAL: This column likely calculates the projected subtotal cost for each campaign type by multiplying the quantity (QTY) with the projected cost per unit. It provides an estimate of the total expenditure for each campaign before implementation.

COMMENTS: This column likely allows users to input additional comments, notes, or observations related to each campaign. It may include details such as campaign objectives, target audience, creative concepts, or any other relevant information for reference or analysis.

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April 29, 2024
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Very nice template to start to organize the activity

Mark Sieng

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