Who are we

When you spend over a decade producing documents and files for work, you sure learn a lot of things. And you’d be surprised to know how many people keep such creations on their desktop, never to be touched again. It doesn't matter the field or the profession involved: people waste a lot of their precious time in producing documents, mostly for a one-time use.

We started taking real action. To us, the big shift happened in 2019, when two friends joined together to launch an online digital marketplace that would unite qualified and experienced professionals worldwide and allow them to share their creations.

We now call it Tempsee.

We believe that you deserve a place where you can easily find exactly the file you need, a template you just need to fine-tune before using. Why reinventing the wheel?

Our community of Creators is growing every day. Focus on quality, commitment to full transparency and user safety is at the heart of what we do. We know no other way – and we intend to keep it so.

At Tempsee, we aim to make your work life a bit easier.